Zack: "Your move, creep."

Steve: I see how it is. Black guy doesn't get a Robocop hat. Looks like we know who the real Supremacists are.

Zack: The Resistants proved that even handicapped people can be superheroes, just as long as they have a huge robot tentacle tank as their wheelchair.

Steve: If you read their description, these guys have a terrible and convoluted track record. Worked for Magneto, failed to be Captain America, worked for the Mandril, captured by the US Army, worked for the US government, failed to defeat the Hulk.

Zack: To be fair, the US government fails to defeat the Hulk as part of its day-to-day operations. These guys just stepped into a long line of being defeated by the Hulk.

Steve: Twenty years later these guys are being defeated by trying to fix their gutters.

Zack: Captured by and forced to fight for a Wendy's drive through.

Steve: Wheel chair robot last seen octopussing precariously up to the top of a lumber shelf at Home Depot.

Zack: Now he fights for a backbreaking heap of lumber, twice as paralyzed as before.

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