Zack: The huge block of text is only a small fraction of the whole thing. These aren't just floating, teleporting, disintegrating, doom mushrooms; they're doom mushrooms with a long history.

Steve: Yeah, I guess mushrooms almost took over a planet and then wizards and gods stopped them, but there was no room for the heroic feats of a barbarian in that story. Sounds more like the sort of thing you would come up with.

Zack: The Wizarding Words of Zackery Plotter.

Steve: It says in some of the text we cut out that you can kill the mushrooms by throwing 60 gallons of water on them. On the plane of vacuum just whip out your 60 gallon drum of water and dump it on the teleporting mushrooms dissolving your chest.

Zack: Panko and a half inch of oil in a hot skillet deal double damage.

Steve: Maybe if we're lucky some void chicken and void cauliflowers will come along. Save vs. void combo basket for half fullness.

Zack: Save vs. Bee Movie.
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