Steve: The strange cove and ugly statues strike fear into the hearts of the superstitious crew. They leave you on the beach and the ship sets off again.

Zack: "Yeah, sure, no problem. Ominous island. Just drop me off whenever for however long. Barack I will remember this treachery."

Steve: You follow the ominous canyon path towards a higher plateau. As you emerge from the canyon you see a single, large tower. It's made out of smooth, black material and the top is a snake's head.

Zack: Did the sailors leave me my horse?

Steve: Your horse was eaten during the voyage.

Zack: Continue towards the tower on foot, but I am wary of traps. I'm also super pissed that they ate my horse.

Steve: You reach the tower. You can hear a hissing snake through the doors.

Zack: I open the doors and walk inside.

Steve: You almost plummet, face first, into a huge pit full of snakes. In addition to huge piles of snakes there is also one gigantic snake. It sees you and hisses.

Zack: Would this be an appropriate time for Roll Attack?

Steve: Probably not, dude.

Zack: "Die, snake of Satan!" I swing my sword in a Gunt style attack.

Steve: You chop the head off the giant snake and its lifeless body slides back into the pit full of snakes. There is a staircase up.

Zack: Taking the stairs and preparing to charge up my roll attack.

Steve: This is not something you can do.

Zack: "But is it something I can't not do?"

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