Zack: Ohhh, okay, that explains everything. We have Spirit Sasquatches, who are the boy sasquatches with the vests and True Sasquatches who are the girl sasquatches with the purses.

Steve: It's called a "messenger bag" dude. It's what you use to carry around D&D books when you're too old to wear your backpack.

Zack: Never too old to wear a backpack.

Steve: I think there is a cutoff. Have you ever seen a really old man wearing a backpack?

Zack: No, I guess not. But there are a lot of things I've never seen old men do. To be honest I don't keep very good track of old men. They could all have backpacks.

Steve: Seeing as how this is Rifts I wonder if this is a character class you can play.

Zack: Why would you even ask that, honestly...

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