Steve: The provisions chapter in Synnibarr is one of my favorites. You've got like rope and a lantern and then later in the chapter are spaceships and missiles that can destroy everything in a 25-mile radius.

Zack: "Yes, I will take one mule, a length of twine, two cups of oats and a missile that can destroy a city."

Steve: You can also be a dwarf who buys a rail gun to fight a were dragon.

Zack: So if a dragon bites you then you turn into a dragon?

Steve: No, if a were dragon bites you then you turn into a were dragon.

Zack: What if the dwarf is bit by the were dragon on board his spaceship? Would he turn into a dwarf were dragon?

Steve: There are no rules for dwarf were dragons so I guess I would say you die.

Zack: Somewhere is a little person who is furious at being discriminated against by the rules of Synnibarr.

Steve: But the dude has a spaceship and a rail gun so that should keep him happy.

Zack: He shouldn't have to settle, Steve!

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