Zack: Sucks to your water cycle, bat ape!

Steve: He's having a worse time than when a bat got into our laundry room through the dryer vent and I chased it around for like five minutes with an aquarium net and then it somehow flew into my mouth.

Zack: Rabies risk. They tell you not to do that if you find a bat during the day. "Do not place the bat into your mouth."

Steve: I didn't really place it there. I was just excited and when I get pumped I do that Michael Jordan sort of thing where he would stick his tongue out, only for me I just have my tongue flopping out and my mouth wide open. The bat landed in there.

Zack: Like a dog riding in a car with its head out the window.

Steve: Exactly only I think more cavelike which would explain the bat entering my mouth.

Zack: Did you bite its head off?

Steve: No way it bit me real bad on my lip and then flew back out and my mom shut it in our linen closet and I got in BIG trouble for knocking all of the nobs off our dryer and washing machine and I had to get a shot of rabies stuff. It was one of my top ten worst days of my life.

Zack: Did the bat have rabies though?

Steve: No way to know. When the animal people came they couldn't find the bat in the closet. We thought it escaped somehow but then like six months later I was going to go to the beach and I pulled out the beach towel and this bat popped out only it was like bat jerky. Scared me pretty bad and ironically I bit my tongue I was so freaked out.

Zack: Of course, these things happen to all of us.

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