~2nd Place~


By SalmonFlavoredTuna

Random Oni Table Rolls

Body (37) Broad, muscular human
Head (99) Ratlike
Nose (79) Tiny nose
Eyes (22) Large round eyes that are white
Mouth (53) Large toad mouth, no lips, just a long slit with sharp teeth
Arms (46) Thin arms, gnarled, muscular, but misshapen
Legs (79) Human feet with clawed toes
Other (29) Large mane of black hair
Color (21) Light red (I think they mean pink)

Description: Deborah is a summonable demon who has the ability to cast the level 10 spell 'Uncomfortable sexual tension' between herself and any character. During battle any character afflicted with 'Uncomfortable sexual tension' will spend his turns alternating between unbearable lust and unbearable self-loathing, and has to roll a saving throw against shame-inspired suicide.

The Verdict

Zack: Second in creepiness only to that weird albino furry man thing that we also gave a prize to.

Steve: I'm just going to stare into this thing's dead eyes and try to forget we ever saw that other thing.

Zack: At least this one has hooters.

Steve: But they're scary boobs. Terror boobs are the worst sort of boobs, because you should never take off a shirt and see some boobs and be like AAAAHHHH! You should be more like ahhhhhhh...

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