Welcome to "Awfulmon", which has absolutely nothing to do with "Pokemon" whatsoever!

by Lowtax


Awfulmon is a turn-based combat game along the lines of Pokemon or the older Final Fantasy games. There are two gameplay modes, Tournament Challenge and Practice Fight. In Tournament Challenge, you must fight your way through all 10 characters (broken up into two different "badge" groups) and one top secret boss who will probably kill you a lot. In Practice Fight, the computer will choose a random opponent for you to fight, but you will only receive 1/3rd the points as fighting an opponent in Tournament Challenge mode. Losing a battle will subtract 100 points.

Once you're finished fighting and racking up points, feel free to enter your name (available in the game menu) into the Awfulmon Hall of Fame.


When fighting, your stats and attacks are listed on the bottom right corner of the screen. Your default status is "OK". The numbers listed to the right of the attacks represent the maximum number of times you can use them, and how many times you have used each. When they reach 0, you cannot use them again. To select an attack, either click on the name or press the corresponding number key. When the OK button pops up, either click it or press the SPACE BAR.


Winning is achieved by obtaining both the Bonehead Badge and the Ubergeek Badge. After that has been accomplished, you can continue to fight for more badges and points, which will just look so absolutely cool on the high score board. Life is all about impressing people on the Internet, you know.

Send any comments or bug reports to me.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka

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