GI Joe Dirtbag posted:

From under which rock did you just crawl? Learn how to compose a sentence for Christ's sake.
Paradol Ex posted:
i fucking hate akira. goddamn, wiggles, is there anything you say that won't make me want to snap your neck and piss in your mouth? PLEASE tell me why evangelion is "pretty terrible". did it not take into account the intricate brilliance of the bible? please tell me why you hate it, mr. wiggles, i am FUCKING BEGGING YOU.

i want to know. and please post those thoughts now before you go to magic mountain and lose your goddamn mind again. tell me why. why? why? why? give me reasons
GravityInvert posted:
Again, another opinion. I'm glad you think that. Personally, I find dead baby jokes offensive and not the least bit funny. Of course I don't criticize others for thinking they are, as I understand that everyone has differing opinions on the social moors of today's society. You're telling me this movie is nothing but "stupid fag jokes" seems hypocritical as I know that by watching the previews that they are meant as light-hearted and not advocating. As one poster noted here, there's even a good message at the end, which reinforces that sentiment.

I bet you criticize every South Park episode and movies like Dogma, as well. In addition, I wasn't directing that last sentence of my post as single topic statement. I was implying that you should not tell any joke that any person could be offended by if you believe that this movie is as horrible as you let on. I don't discredit your opinions. And I'm sure others don't as well. I'm just saying maybe you shouldn't discredit theirs, as it puts yourself in a negative light and encourages others, like me, to speak out against it. You didn't like the movie, great. Someone else did, also great. You explained why you didn't like it and attempted to press that reasoning on others. As a self-proclaimed critic, you're doing your job. But to accuse people of being anti-intellectual, or dumb, just because they have a different opinion than you, shows that you still have much to learn, yourself. It's also another potential reason so many people don't believe critics, as you say.

Kristofff posted:
When I played WoW I would get extremely agitated at anything that interrupted me, even yelling at my girlfriend to "get the fuck away from me, I'm trying to concentrate and your fucking up my timing.. I DON'T WANT TO RUN TO MY BODY AGAIN!". I played wow instead of doing anything else at that time. When I didn't play WoW, I daydreamed about playing WoW during the the days, thinking of weapon combos, or armor I wanted, and dreamed about WoW when I slept. That shit was fucking ridiculous and insane. I have spent over 24hours playing a session of WoW only running to the kitchen to eat during flights or random time sinks in the game. I finally saw it was a waste of life and quit cold turkey but I still got major urges to play again afterwards. I'd get on sit in the city for an hour thinking, "What the fuck did I do this for? I hate this fucking game!" Over time those urges faded but every now and then I still want to go back to that willfully ignorant happiness.

As far as food, I will gorge on food uncontrollably at times until I hurt. Food is so fucking good to me that my mentality is "the faster I eat, the more food tastiness per second I can experience" when I get like that. The only saving grace is when I see I've gained a couple of pounds I go on the reversal and start a strict diet to get back to normal for a couple of weeks.

And cool-aid. I drink a gallon of that every one to two days. This is the habit I can't break. I'll probably end up with diabetes over it but fuck, I fucking love cool-aid. Addiction is real in those instances so I don't see how weed can be any more detrimental. The only thing that keeps me from dying a fat disgusting death is high metabolism and the will to not be fat.
Unbelievably Fat Man posted:

Speaking as someone who has been on both sides of that shit, just fucking go for it already you self-hating douchebag. Who gives a fuck what other dickless wonders think about you? Who cares what other people will think about her for dating you. What does it matter? I would have been more than happy to defend my 300 pound She-Jugallo. Does that make sense? No, but people don't always make sense.

What do you stand to lose? You already clearly hate yourself. What? Are you gonna extra hate yourself or something? "Oh no! If I hadn't wasted her time she could have married the Pope!" You're over thinking the problem.

I think I need to chill out, guess that hit a little close to home or something.
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