Udreamofjeanie: wait i really am a doctor

~Connor~: Bullpucky! If you're a doctor then I'm a Choctaw medicine man.

Udreamofjeanie: no my name is Doctor Histrymysters i just got confused about patients

~Connor~: Jeez, I'm sorry for flying off the handle at you like that. I just get this vibe that my wife is cheating on me. I don't know why that is.

Udreamofjeanie: no ur wife is not cheating

~Connor~: So then tell me doc, what's wrong with my wife's pussy?

Udreamofjeanie: we call it a vagina in medicine thank you

~Connor~: I'm sorry, I'm just a simple man without a PHD in doctorology.

~Connor~: Are you still there, doctor?

Udreamofjeanie: its quiet allright I understand. your wife is suffering from uterus polops but i believe from this test that she is fine. i told her to schedule an apointmnet to see her next week

~Connor~: So you think you have a cure? If we have another baby it would turn out like Zack?

Udreamofjeanie: imho may work who knows it will take losts of tests tho

~Connor~: And you're sure these "polops" are why she keeps having black babies?

Udreamofjeanie: WTF

~Connor~: Dakota told me that you said it was genetic. The treatments and medication to turn Zack white have been so expensive and I don't think they're really working. He looks like a Dalmatian now.

Udreamofjeanie: i think maybe she was cheating on u

~Connor~: But you told Dakota that Zack being black was caused by a birth defect!

Udreamofjeanie: im not a doctor ur wife told me to act like one so u wouldnt freak out

~Connor~: HA HA! I caught you in another logic trap! Doctor Hystorysmysteries told me HIMSELF that it was a birth defect. Proof positive that you aren't a real doctor.

Udreamofjeanie: i just told u that

~Connor~: You're a darned liar. Why should I believe anything you say? I bet you ARE a real doctor.

Udreamofjeanie: lol your family is messed up


Udreamofjeanie: im not a doctor!

~Connor~: We'll see about that! I'll run a trace on your Internet and see if it's a doctor's computer you're using.

~Connor~: Trace running…

(Udreamofjeanie has disconnected)

~Connor~: Trace running…

~Connor~: Trace completed. You ARE a doctor! I knew it!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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