Throughout this prank, I only had two objectives: to make it stretch over five days, and to actually get the sap to call me on the phone. If you're wondering where I found such a gullible moron, I've been frequenting a number of Kansas City Chiefs forums for quite a while, and "Jimbo" was one of the most obvious targets at one of this BBSs. The guy has absolutely no common sense whatsoever. The prank doesn't really have a single coherent theme, as I wanted to change style for once, but I think the recording of the guy actually calling me at the end makes it all worthwhile. Oh yes, I was using a new ICQ account under the name "Denny" for this one (I have been changing names and accounts with every prank, just to make sure the other person doesn't recognize me from this site, and to ensure freshness).

(day 1)

Lowtax - heya hun, do you mind if I add you to this ICQ list? My husband has some questions for you about the football Cheifs.

Jimbo - Not a problem!

Lowtax - thanks hun, let me put my husband on

Jimbo - OK


Lowtax - What the hell's going on with this damn thing, Maryelle?

Jimbo - Hello?

Jimbo - Are you there?

Jimbo - Hello?

(day 2)

Lowtax - Hey, what's up Pete?

Jimbo - Hello?

Lowtax - Yeah, hello, what's up Pete?

Jimbo - Heh he, this isn't Pete. It's James. : P

Lowtax - Alright James, how ya doing?

Jimbo - Just fine, and yourself?

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