Lowtax - Shit, I guess I read your last message wrong, sorry there. I just get freaked out over this Internet shit, understand? I don't have any clue how this shit works.

Jimbo - Heh he, I understand. We are all newbies at once!

Lowtax - Whatever you say, Jimmy. All I know is that theres a bunch of freaky shit all over the Internet, and I dont want a part of that crap, got me? I'm not interested in cybering with you, so don't think about it.

Jimbo - Heh. I'm married.

Lowtax - To a woman?

Jimbo - Yup. Sweetheart from school.

Lowtax - What school you go to?

Jimbo - MU

Lowtax - So how about them Chiefs?

Jimbo - Just heard they signed Hall!

Lowtax - Jason Hall?

Jimbo - No, Dante Hall. Who's Jason Hall?

Lowtax - Big fellah, weighs about 450. Size of a fucking bus. I don't know where the hell he went to school. He's a fucking nut.

Jimbo - What position?

Lowtax - I dont know, linebacker or something. He had the nickname, "Bitch Buster". Real psycho. I think he went to KU.

Jimbo - Ha ha, probably!!!

Lowtax - What's that supposed to mean?

Jimbo - I mean he sounds like somebody they'd let into there.

Lowtax - You got that right there, Jimmy.

Lowtax - James, I gotta get the fuck off the computer, my wife's bird is flying around the place like a little fucking freak and I gotta catch it before it shits all over the counter.

Jimbo - Good luck!

Lowtax - Okay Jimbo.

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