Take your rage out on thisMom is sitting in front of the television when you find her. You ask if she can give you a ride to the store so you can buy a replacement for the soda your sister drank. She frowns, shakes her head, and tells you that your sister is taking the car to the mall. Shocked, you run to the window and look outside. In the distance you see your sister peel out. Blast! You grab a ceramic statue from the shelf beside and window and throw it against the ground in a rage.
As the shards of ceramics scatter across the carpet, your mother screams for you to go to your room. Who does she think she is? You're 24 years old. If you want to break a ceramic figurine because you don't have soda for a game, you will, and you aren't going to get grounded. On the other hand, she does take you to the game store whenever you ask, so maybe you should listen.

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