Page Ten: New On the OS Market

"Lumpy" takes us to a world where nothing is as it seems:

Dastardly "spacebadger" shares with us his vision of hell:

"Lowtax" made this image filled with biting commentary hot enough to vaporize a Slashdot reader:

"cocoabean" resurrects a dead joke, but hey, at least it's colorful!

The mysterious "Lowtax" scores some points with this fine piece of ass:

Finally, let's wrap things up with this confusing "velvetelvis" study in ultimate uselessness!

That would conclude this week's sampling of funny images. All that is left now is some crap, which you can optionally choose to view by proceeding yonder to next page. I would like to take this time to thank the Something Awful Forum Goons for providing all the funny images this week, and additionally for all the hilarious stuff featured here over the last year. Yes, that means that this week marks the first anniversary of Photoshop Phriday! We have had a lot of fun bringing you this feature, as well as even more fun amusing ourselves. We still have a regular crapload of bad ideas left in us, so sit back and watch the next year fly by like a hover car filled with burning midgets. You simply won't want to look away! Be sure to stop by next week when we use Photoshop to remove the tags from pictures of mattresses.

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