After people started using Ackbar as a comedy crutch in place of creativity regardless of whether it was funny or not, I had to lay down the law. A moratorium on all Ackbar iconography was put in place. A few smartasses decided there were still some laughs left in the old Mon Calamari and managed to impress me with some swell stuff. "Digital Arse" did most of the work, but there were a few other sports helping out along the way. I think it's safe to say he's dead, so let's send him off into hell in style.

"acidbear" presents a movie that showcases Ackbar's amazing acting talents:

"Digital Arse" lets us live out our fantasy:

"trixiedog" brings us yet another trap:

"plastickiwi" brings us what may just be a map. I guess he's a fan of cartography.

"Digital Arse" just doesn't know when to quit:

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