When I was young there was this kid in the neighborhood who did the stupidest fucking things. Anytime someone would look at a situation or an idea and think, "I think it's best not to do this." he would think, "LETS ROCK AND ROLL!" One day he took a huge fucking shit right on somebody's yard. There was absolutely no warning that this was going to happen. He just dropped his shorts and suddenly he was shitting on the grass! I have been trying to forget that day for as long as I've lived but the horrors of the event still haunt me.

The idea that fat men can't find their "masculine part" scares me.

Forty year old men posing as thirteen year olds make great material for Weekend Web.

If I knew what "Mauru" was talking about I'm sure it would be great advice!

You save them for a rainy day.

Manhunt is a pretty good game.

"Lou" shits out comedy gold bricks by the dozen.

Uhm, good for you!

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