Many water bottle companies get their water from municiple sources.

When asking for advice online you may not always get the kind of help you want.

Go to Signapore and become an international media attention whore.

Ugh, I can imagine what this person's daily life is like. Wake up, dress like a slut, go to school and fail English, gossip on the phone, have relunctant sex with a senior whom you kind of like, get pregnant and hide it for as long as you can, then dump the baby off in a dumpster. Trust me, this probably happens every day for this girl.

Did you know men like to masturbate???

A lot of fat women have this problem. It gets lost in that gaping vaginal abyss where there is no way out alive.

A few more "All the other girls do it", "Come on baby I love you I won't ever hurt you", and "You ain't even that pretty, girl" lines and he'll have his anal sex. Just you watch.

It's a lot more sexy when neither party wants it.

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  • Get In The God Dang Weight Room, Johnny Manziel!

    Get In The God Dang Weight Room, Johnny Manziel!

    Simply put, if I had Johnny Manziel’s physical gifts, you better believe I would be there in the Weight Room, getting to bed early, doing whatever I had to do to be the best possible athlete I could be. I wouldn't be posting on social media about sucking titties. I wouldn't even look at a titty, buddy. I'd look at a titty and see two big footballs.

  • Helping Your Real Friends Move

    Helping Your Real Friends Move

    A real friend doesn't move until the middle of August, ensuring temperatures in the 90s and a humidity that turns boxers into moist balls of ruined cotton.

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