"Tom Murray" you are a model citizen.

Courts usually enjoy seeing this thing called evidence. If there is any in this case then defense counsel can move to exclude it because the police somehow fucked up by looking at it or touching it. This happens on Law and Order all the time.

Self fellatio, always a crowd pleaser.

Sorry but I think horses don't usually like to be raped by human beings. Try banging that fat horse of a woman you call your wife instead.

If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen. This probably stems from his constant begging for anal sex. Honestly, if any guy asks for ass fucking he should be ready to take it up the ass right back.

This is a very delicate issue that can only be solved by me not caring about it.

That makes sense. It's similiar to how Christians stuck boy's penises into the mouths of Catholic preists to annoy them.

Nothing personal but your pain amuses me.

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