Heh, diseased skanks.

AW sucks! A&W rocks!

The only people who get HIV are American women!

Haha and when the bait says she's 15 you still show up? Moron.

Hollywood is secretly controls by the feminist Jews!

Blow me up, Tom!


Special thanks to Sharktopus, Endli, Khad, Greed, Throumbas, A PRIZED MULE!, Mr. Fantabulous, Blinkertits, Plastic Ninja, cannibalcomfort, Housemaster, HulkaMatt, Mossisen, softbomb, SupermanIsDead, Needs More Ditka, Hawkstein, mintyfreshdeath, Blar Chube, Lunchbox, and N-ER-GEE, who only date anime women. Unlike this feminazi bitches Sailor Mercury doesn't talk back to a man.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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