SexualForums is just as the name implies, a discussion forum about matters of a sexual nature. Yeah that's pretty much it. What do you expect a song and dance? I think the Flash Tub has those. Yeah, go bother that guy.

So basically you love the taste of crap.

I know the importance of being intimate but it's not that important.

You, you bitch...

I asked the Imam from last week's Weekend Web, and he said yes. Sorry bro.

Just because you like gay sex, you have gay sex, and routinely have gay sex, doesn't mean you are gay.

I think men should wear clothes that show penis cleavage. Like the tip of the head is sticking out. Why not? Oh yeah, penises are disgusting.

Maybe he just wasn't your type of guy. I think you should try ten more times just to be sure.

You threw up on his stomach? I'm sure your father didn't mind the mess.

Yeah, you're on the Internet. Of course you do.

A girth of six inches? Is your penis just a round disc or something. Ugh.

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