Thanks for the clarification "spiderman". I would have pegged you for a Christian!

The first time I masturbated was to an episode of Boy Meets World. It was a particularly steamy episode where Cory says something wacky and the audience laughs.

The first time I came I was filling my sweatpants with tennis balls and running crotch first into a brick wall.

The first time I masturbated I was masturbating.

The AIDS virus is created in the asses of homosexuals. Everybody knows that "Raw meat".

I sent "hero of the day" a private message and he said being gay is like sitting around a New York luxury apartment and talking about what a bitch Susan in makeup is.

"glfboi" seems pretty down about not being able to suck his own dick. One day friend, one day.

I remember the first time my penis grew. I ran out into the street cheering, but I tripped on a rock and my penis never grew again.

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