Let me preface this section by saying that GameFAQs is the best goddamn place for gameplay information on video games. The good folks who write and upload guides work pretty damn hard for no compensation. This section only focuses on the stupid message boards that are attached to each game's section of the website.

Who Posts There: Thirteen to sixteen year olds who started playing Pokemon games on the Nintendo 64 and Gameboy Advance. They have little appreciation for older games or systems like the Nintendo or Genesis. Their inteligence is slightly above that of a retarded housecat that shits itself.

What is Posted There: Rumors, misinformation, and idiotic questions reign supreme at GameFAQs, whose users have no ability to discern the fake stories from the real ones. You'll find questions that have been asked over and over again, and threads that do nothing but waste bandwidth. The more popular the video game, the worse it gets. Final Fantasy and Grand Theft Auto boards are the absolute worst of the whole lot.

Openly admitting you can't understand an RPG mini-game isn't really a good idea.

Only at GameFAQs, folks.

File this one under, "WHO THE FUCK CARES?!" If there isn't any room left just stick it in the "WHAT THE FUCK?!" pile.

I don't know what the "metaverse" is but I'm sure "Cobalt Blue" is a moron nontheless.

This post actually stops around 100 characters.

Another excellent GameFAQs thread.

Hillarious insight is abundant on the Final Fantasy X-2 message board.

Any forum that has two threads on what kind of underwear a video game character wears really has some problems.


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