After my girlfriend and I sit under the Christmas tree and exchange gifts we have our annual Christmas porn discussion. It's a family tradition!

My count for 2008 is 24 so far. Days I've gone without masturbating? No, number of times I masturbated! Ha, you see what I mean? I'm not trying to kick the habit, I'm trying to break records over here.

I'm sure that whatever this says it's pretty wacky stuff.

I've been struggling with masturbation since I was 12 as well. Struggling with finding ways to do more of it, that is!

Listen, God is busy with more important things right now but when He comes back he'll look at your dick okay?

For a anti-porn, anti-masturbation Christian forum there sure is a lot of gay crap going on. Not that I am complaining of course! Hiyo! Where all the tight young choir boys at?! Holla at me now.

NBC was a once mighty network, but now I hardly jerk off to their shows these days. Once, maybe twice a week, at most.

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