We used to say that there is a forum for just about every topic imaginable on the Internet. I didn't really believe it. It was just some nonsense we say around here. But after seeing this forum dedicated to discussion about Owls and Owl fiction, I'm ready to start believing again.

In Ocarina of Time they made the button you press to advance the text the same button you press to hear the Owl's tutorial again. FUCK YOU, ZELDA OWL.

At least he doesn't want to have sex with it. That's always a plus.

Again, at least he didn't want to have sex with it.

If owls are associated with knowledge why are these people so retarded?

Now I can see getting into Batman. All it needed was owls, apprently.

It's a shame all those tasty owls are gone.

Thanks for the unreadable story about owls, jerk.

THERE'S EVEN DRAMA ON THE OWL FORUM. The Internet never ceases to amaze me.

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