I've seen better owl fan fiction.

What if... the Matrix was about owls?

Hey, get that crap off of here. This is owl country!

Businesses put owl statues on their buildings to attract the lucrative "owl fan" demographic.

Special thanks to Qwilla, BleakLewis, TinyFaye, Full Circle, PaisleyOrangutan, Spurite Based, diarrhea for girls, Evil Vin, ryborg, MISS WHITE LADY, screwy, Forest Fuckery, Umilele, Wezzo, dcseankun, Rhinceraptor, Montalvo, Archonic, SamuraiFoochs, Medium Cool, CrumFUNist!, AndrewBK, Strawberry Panda, The Puppet Master, Forum accidents, Blueman654, solana, Captain Arab, JonoT45, most erotic flower, EggingstinFeh, Der Metzgermeister, and A PRIZED MULE!. Goddamn that's a lot of contributers.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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