Whenever I eat at In-N-Out every single fluid that is excreted from my body ends up smelling like In-N-Out food. Does this happen to anybody else? Email me please. Oh here's a forum.

You should host the next Oscars.


Hehe yeah... clitoris is a funny word.

Hey I'm 21. Maybe it's me. Who knows?

Give me Nico's phone number.

Wait a second, I'm on the phone with Nico. Yeah, hello? Hey bitch, want to bite my dick you slut? Hello? Hello??? Damnitt. Guess I didn't come on strong enough.

Wow, look at you reading articles and everything. Soon you'll be reading books and stop signs and shit.

I pretend I'm a chocobo and she pretends she's an egg and I "lay" her as if she was a egg and she licks my asshole while I hum the battle theme from Final Fantasy VI.

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