Rapture Ready

As you may or may not know I have been very busy lately. That's why I have asked my good friend God to help me with this section of Weekend Web, a Christian forum called Rapture Ready. Put your hands together and give it up for the creator of all existance, God!

Thank you Spokker. You know, I'm sick and tired of people getting all bent out of shape when their "lover" or "significant other" just ups and dies or gets killed or whatever. Look, I kill these people because they were going to be the next Hitler, or become a serial killer, or are fans of The View. I do everything for a reason.

Yeah pray all you want suckers. I'm not getting up off my ass for nothing. The Rocky and Bullwinkle marathon just started!

What a slut.


Oh me. Get over yourself.

Boy is "MrMann's" face going to be red when he finds out that's just my nickname.

BANNED. From life.

I'm going to make a sandwhich.

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