Mystrys LiveJournal and Camsite, submitted by Dragoncon. Mystrys, in addition to being one of the premiere "camwhores" of the world – those being the idiot girls who parade themselves on shitty webcams for attention and gifts from lonely suckers – is also the webmaster of a thoroughly useless site and author of a typically awful LiveJournal. She's one of the people who spoke about being a LiveJournal user at Dragoncon, and was of course the highly intelligent and provocative speaker ou would expect her to be. Oh, and here's a picture of her:

Unfortunately, this is a manmade monster. People had to encourage her to post more of this stuff, that's how attention whores operate, so a whole lot of people are to blame for this. I suggest a police investigation and possible jail time. Somebody should be punished for this.

There's a lot of inane drivel on her LiveJournal and elsewhere on the site (direct linking from SA doesn't seem to work - I guess crappy webmasters are spending more time protecting their crap these days. You can just click the link from her LiveJournal, though), and it all brazenly stands as an affront to everything that isn't retarded in the world. She mentions that web design is a hobby of hers. It really, really shows. At least the hellacious design is consistent with the quality of all her pictures. Oh, and make sure you haven't eaten before exploring her site. If the design doesn't make you puke, then she will.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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