The Ki Universe, submitted by HeartBurn Kid. I watched "Dragonball Z" for the first time about a week ago. My boss and I were sitting around his livingroom and flipping through channels when we saw what appeared to be a series of pregnant flying misshapen babies throwing fireballs at each other. We stared at the television, amazed that a show with twelve total frames of animation could be stretched out to 30 minutes. I honestly have no fucking clue why Dragonball Z is so popular, except maybe because every single person who likes the show appears to have an IQ less than the number of times they've ever had sex. This website is no exception. Well, it's no exception except for one minor point: THE SEVERELY RETARDED WEBMASTER IS CONVINCED THAT DRAGONBALL Z IS REAL.

I use Dragonball z for only one reason. I use it for visualization. Without knowing what to visualize ki as then you wont be able to put as much ki into things as possible. Dragonball z also inspires people to try their best become as good as them. Even though that is almost impossible they still try their best. Never get the worng impression about ki through dragonballz.Basically everything that is on dragonballz can be accomplished by using ki, but not as well probably.

HOW TO DO A Energy Vortex: Make your ki flame a mana magnet that takes in mana very fast. Create another energy vortex by using more mana and a little mana fromy uor first one. Do this until you have four vortex's. Make all the vortex's link together. Make them start to rotate around you. Make them rotate around you at very high speeds until their energy begin's to combine. When this happenes you will be in the center of one large vortex. You may want to use all this mana very quickly because mana is something you dont want to store for too long. AGAIN DON"T FORGET TO THANK FROZENSOLID99 FOR THE PICS!!!!!

Sounds easy enough, doesn't it? I tried to do this move a few hours ago but I realized that I had misplaced my Ki Flame and instead had to settle for a bottle of Midori. Needless to say, it didn't work, and I also fell down in my bathtub in the process. Oh, here's one of the many great things from the website: the webmaster wants to CHARGE FOUR DOLLARS for him to tell you how to perform Dragonball Z moves. I love the Internet!

Okay I am really sorry for this but i have no other choice for now, I have to charge 4 dollars per tech. If you are not willing to pay the 4 dollars then you will just have to wait for me to get the trust out of you guys to put it up....but for now i will give you a little taste of what they are like........ Jubie Kamehameha (10x kamehameha..more like 100x)


I'm almost afraid to put up this link today because the webmaster will undoubtedly smite me with his Ki Flame or Ki Blast or Ki Rocket Guns or Magic Cheddar Machine or whatever. If you guys don't hear from me within a week, please tell the police about this website. Well not this website, but the Dragonball Z one. I don't want the cops knowing about my website or they won't bother looking for my corpse.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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