Remember Cuddly Cavies? Yeah, that was pretty ridiculous, people putting costumes on their guinea pigs. Why would anyone buy tiny outfits for their pet rodents? After all, there are much cheaper ways to humiliate these animals, like giving them goofy hairstyles! Funky Pigs Cavies comes up with all kinds of creative combovers for its guinea pigs, which helps them win Best Clipped Pet honors at the competitive guinea pig shows that apparently exist.

Funky Pigs Cavies displays its guinea pigs on round, flesh-colored backdrops, making them look like sentient balls of belly lint. There are also pictures of not-yet-groomed baby guinea pigs, who are cute and normal-looking, if you're into that for some reason. Finally, there's the "Influential Boars and Sows" page, which is blank. Seems about right.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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