GeoCities, the hosting service that launched a thousand Awful Links, shut down its service earlier this week. In recognition of this event, I've selected one of the dozens of sites described as "GeoCities-like" from my inbox. Like GeoCities, the Indiana Ghost Trackers have seen better days. Back in 2004-05, the IGT regularly visited houses plagued with "hag syndrome" or "a reappearing pool of blood," but the site doesn't document anything more recent.

Despite this worrying inactivity, the organization is not in fact just as dead as the apparitions it once fought so bravely. On Saturday, October 30, members will be present at the midnight IMAX showing of Ghost Stories 3, and on November 14 everyone will gather for the big IGT Banquet in Kokomo! In person, the IGT officers can expand on their answers to pressing questions such as "Do ouija boards work?" ("If in fact they really do, there may be a risk factor involved") and "What do I do if a spirit is attacking me?" ("E-mail me and I'll put you in touch with a good psychic.")

Enjoy your Halloween weekend, but please keep in mind these words of wisdom from the experts: "Ghosts are like people (since they once were), and if you get them upset enough, you never know what could happen."

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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