Barack Obama - Antichrist

Submitted by Paul Rice

Welcome to America where shit like this video is pretty much as close to civil political discourse as we get.

That's not to say I don't totally agree with this video. If a black dude with a funny name, who is against war, spent a large part of his life helping poor people, delivers passionate, inspiring speeches and is by all accounts a good Christian isn't the anti-Christ, I don't know who is.

Yes, I realize this video is an obvious troll, but let's take a look and see who took the bait:

Idiots Corner

"obama is seriously the antichrist..

his chiacgo zip code is 60606
his name has 18 letters 3 6's in 18
his mom had 6 kids
also in one of obamas speeches he says "now im a christian and i praise Jesus every Sunday" and in another video he says "i also believe in evolution"

hes so stupid..
you have to believe in one or the other
you cant believe God and a bang made everything.
im a christian and i think obama is the antichrist. what do yall think?"

-ObamaDrama08, age 15


Wow. Great vocabulary. You have spoken like a true Dem seeking Obamunism.
I know three things about you by this response.
1. You are in a dead-end job (or are unemployed) and are mad at the world because you did not work hard and study like you successful Republican countrymen.
2. You never served in the military, but are quick to use the freedoms others have earnesd and protect for you to bash McCain.
3. You smoke pot and abuse alcohol.

Bet I'm 3 for 3.

Good day. "


"By the Way I am a democrat, I just don't like Obama. I hate Bush, I disagree with all he stands for, but some black man with a teleprompter feeding me bullshit thru a microphone is not going to make me swoon.He is a fucking Muslim and I think he wants to destroy our country in the name of Allah."


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