Chapter 5: BronyXcore

Yup, bronies make terrible music. Jesus Christ, FUCK bronies. Fun fact: I'm writing this section last and my will to live is quickly fading. Let's get this shit over with.

Nerds are already terrible at rap so, as you can imagine, it doesn't help when they have to write rhymes about cartoon horses they want to fuck.

Cliffnotes: Shitty electronica with lyrics about ponies, shitty electronica with lyrics about ponies, shitty electronica with lyrics about ponies, passable pianist with no lyrics, shitty electronica with lyrics about ponies.

Q: How obsessed with My Little Pony are bronies? A: This dude wrote a 6+ minute long power metal song for one of the background characters that doesn't even have an official name.

Holy shit, look at those finger nails.

I love how bronies respond to trolls. It is one of the few positive things about them. Troll: "DURRR BRONIES R GAY AND U SUCK LOL ASS BURGERS". Brony: "Well, your first assumption that we are all, as you so inarticulately put it, quote unquote "gay" is quite frankly deep de durp do doo *insert long-winded, pseudo-intellectual diatribe here*" If you ask me, there's no greater bang for your troll buck than trolling bronies; a few sentences of effort on your part will get you upwards of a dozen paragraphs about how you're an uncultured Philistine for not appreciating their desire to jack off to cartoon horses.

In fact, bronies are just long-winded in general. And obsessed with documentaries for some reason. There are seriously a dozen+ 30-90 minute fan documentaries out there, like this one about brony music.

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