Chapter 6: The Pen is Mightier Than the Hoof

Of course, what's a disgusting, degenerate internet subculture without the hallmark of disgusting, degenerate internet subcultures? I speak, of course, of fan fiction and holy SHIT do bronies go all out in this department.

Now, I could quote some hilariously terrible My Little Pony slash fiction here for you to laugh/vomit at - lord knows it exists, and in mountainous quantities - but I've already spent this entire article detailing what sick, sad bastards bronies are. Heck, most of you were probably mulling over what sorts of disgusting fan fiction must exist since approximately page 2, so anything of that nature which I link to wouldn't be very shocking.

Instead, I have decided to link you to something which I feel summarizes the brony experience writ large and everything that is wrong with it: nerdy autistics creepily obsessed with a children's show to the extent that they feel the need to bronyize EVERYTHING and ruin a lot of perfectly good shit with their depravity.

To that end, I submit to you "Fallout: Equestria" an epic 48 chapter (including prologue, epilogue and a bonus "10 years later" chapter that I continue to be aware of despite my best efforts to destroy the area of my brain that houses this information) My Little Pony/Fallout crossover that has spawned everything from brony art to music to audiobooks to videos to erotic fan fiction to pictures of steam-powered ponies fucking super mutant ponies.

All this, and they missed the INCREDIBLY obvious joke of calling it "Foalout".

Anyway, here you go: the entire audiobook series in a handy playlist I made because seriously fuck embedding over 25 videos of bad My Little Pony fanfiction.

And here is a compilation of all the dumb shit people made in response to this.
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