AwfulVision continues to Present: More gay ass Weezer shit!

We kick this page off with more Star Wars shit.

Here's yet another horse that managed to escape the glue factory.

Remember what I said about Soulja Boy? Here he is again, goddamn it. It is my sincere belief that by the year 3000, the only sound left on earth will be this stupid goddamn song. UGH.

Fun fact #1: this is the most viewed video of all fucking time. Fun fact #2: I don't give no fuck, bitch.



A true battle for the ages: who's fans are the most fat, annoying, and retarded: Weezer or Daft Punk? The answer: Yes.

Of course, what would any meme-a-thon be without our favorite somehow-non-Canadian comedian.

Yet another video that was created by one of our delightful forum goons.

And for that matter, this one was made by a goon too. Funny story: Family Guy referenced this without crediting the goon in question, and he mailed them and ended up getting a bunch of free stuff from them. And then I got head. The End.

Here we have representation from popular Youtube series "Will it blend". After sitting through all these videos, I'm thinking of trying this very experiment on my fucking skull.

Finally, (and thank God for that) we have Youtuber "kicesie" with her series about sex. She disabled linking and I'm too lazy to upload it, so here it is for the truly curious.

Phew! And there you have it! Every single stupid, overplayed, unfunny video reference. If I missed anything, feel free to email me. And by "email me", I mean "go fuck yourself".

Congratulations, Weezer! You're officially an episode of Family Guy! WHY DOES ANYONE STILL LIKE THIS BAND FUCKKKKKKKKKKK.

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