The Fuzzy Hulk made sure to sign this contribution with his real name. Thanks again for the drawing, Mr Warmer.

Vaginastrophe leaves nothing to your imagination.

WeaponX is the greatest business guru since the guy who invited Monster Cables after devising this plan for a product you need to purchase twice.

xezton finishes this disasterpiece off with the following effort illustrating the concept of exploding cookies. 3rd degree burns, ahoy!

What a wonderful collection of ideas which celebrate the differences of the human imagination. I haven't created such a worthwhile article since last year's triumph "MS Paint your cat as a Pokemon". Thanks as always to each and every forum goon who contributed, even the stupid ones. Next week's Goldmine will be another trip into the unknown, where mystery and lacklustre captions lurk behind every corner. If you don't join me next Tuesday then mom says Christmas is cancelled!!!

– Craig "Russ" Russell

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