FFT posted:

Why do these humans lie in their food?

Oh well, may as well eat the blue thing.

Unable to consume entire blue object.

Reporting offensive smell emanating from armpits. Requesting guidance.

RichardHenley posted:

Scout around the current location! The best invader is a well-informed invader.

Scouting has revealed another room occupied by strange devices attached to the wall.

IronSpatula posted:

Gaze into the reflective object

Another human sighted!

pimpedlightsaber posted:

He'll discover you!! Hit him!

tiaz posted:

Silence him by whatever means necessary!

The human appears to have fled. There is a red liquid leaking out of my hand. Reporting extreme pain.

Objects sighted behind human.

zionchild posted:

You're obviously some sort of jelly-filled pastry. Consume the filling, you must conserve strength reserves.

tiaz posted:

Examine the curtained area, maybe it's a repair center.

Paste consumed, metallic in taste.

Upon investigating the curtained area, I have discovered a water dispenser.

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