My supermarket just happened to have a sale on jerky today. The Gods smiled down on my endeavour.

I had a choice of BBQ, Original or Teriyaki. I decided to play it safe and went with Original. No point in going crazy at this point and risking everything.

Shopkeep! Your finest jerky, post haste!

I found a seat in the food court then locked & loaded.

I just walked all the way home with jerky hidden in a secret compartment in my shoe. I had some of the jerky at the food court and then when I got home I ate some shoe jerky and I swear to god the jerky out of my shoe was warmer and tasted better.


ahahahahaaaa his hand covered in paint

animal drums

umm... can we get security over in the snackfood aisle? we got a guy casin the jerky section, photographin the beef, peepin the 'ronis..

Dr. Destructo

You get BOTH entrance themes for this.

KungFu Grip

I always expected the Hulk Hogan Meat Shoes to look like this:


People have laughed at me for years. But now, I laugh at them. Thank you, dinozombiesgoRARR.

Thanks to dinozombiesgoRARR for making this fever dream come true; you are a realAmericanAustralian!

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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