The BanananaAh yeah, that's the stuffAh yeah, that's the stuff

When I administer a dose from my StimPak, on patrol through the ruins of New Gettysburg


When you use the bathroom at your bachelor friend's apartment and see a stack of Stuff magazines haphazardly piled on the wet tile floor


when it's thanksgiving and you almost forget the name of the food inside the turkey


When you work in a teddy bear factory and you run out of the material you put inside the outer fabric and somebody passes you some.


*opens oreo, helpfully points out interior to six-year-old niece*


"no no, you don't eat the shell"


future archaeologist, lecturing: "dwellings of late 20th-century and early 21st-century hominids can be identified by piles of discarded oreo shells outside their kitchen doors"


*gently brushing away debris, eyes wide with wonder* i...i think we've found the most intact example of the nabisco logo we've ever seen. it's a miracle that it's been preserved so long in this freezer in queens. it's from...*sniffs cookie* this is the dairy-bearing recipe. this is definitely a mid-1990s oreo, mint flavor filling.

mrbradlymrmartinAh yeah, that's the stuffAh yeah, that's the stuff

whoomp there the stuff is

– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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