Zack: In the grim darkness of the far future there are only genderfluid mech jockeys watching snow globes.

Steve: I'm worried about that shelf of booze in the background. That doesn't look like it has adequate bracing for the weight it is holding.

Zack: Nah, I'm more concerned with the babe in the black dress staring at herself in the mirror. It's so sad. She ends up at the bar talking to herself again.

Steve: "These people don't care about anything but the snow globe."

Zack: "What's wrong with you Cynthia? Why do you keep coming to these mechwarrior bars? They're all the same."

Steve: She needs to lose these two and go to a clan bar.

Zack: They're twice as good as Inner Sphere bars, but everybody thinks you're a dick for going to one.

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