Steve: You are in your house working on some music when the phone rings.

Zack: I wait for Courtney to pick up.

Steve: She doesn't answer it.

Zack: I sigh and take the heroin needle out of my arm and answer the phone, GRAND CENTRAL?

Steve: It's Eazy-E. He says, "Yo what is up, home slice?"

Zack: Okay, first of all, he would not talk like that.

Steve: That's 90's rap slang!

Zack: Don't be racist, just have him talk like a normal human being.

Steve: Fine. You set me up on this one. "Hey, Kurt Cobain, how are you doing? I need your help with something."

Zack: "Sure, home slice. Anything for my main home slice. What is up?"

Steve: He says that this dude named Edward Barlow he met at the AIDS hospital needs to talk to some investigators.

Zack: Kurt Cobain jumps at the chance to spend his Saturday at an AIDS hospital. He packs up his heroin, acoustic guitar, and magic reagents.

Steve: You arrive at the Boris Karloff AIDS hospital. There are AIDS patients moaning and sad all over the place. You find Eazy-E and Left Eye waiting for you.

Zack: What up, home slices?

Steve: Eazy-E says "This dude is about to die from AIDS. We have got to talk to him right now."

Zack: Is there a bathroom I can cook up in first? I really need to take the edge off.

Steve: No! He's dying right now!

Zack: Alright. Jeez. I will go with Eazy-E to see his AIDS buddy.

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