AD&D - Monster Manual II (1983)

Zack: As with anything D&D they start running out of ideas long before they exhaust the will to produce books.

Steve: Yeah I don't really get the point of Valley Elves. They're wood elves but in a valley.

Zack: The Monster Manual II planning meeting called for at least two pages of superfluous elves.

Zack: "Five pages of oozes, three pages of dinosaurs indistinguishable from dinosaurs we already used - don't even include pictures - and, ah, two pages of elves. Kid, I need two pages of elves before 6PM."

Steve: Extree! Extree! Read all about it! Valley contains d4x10 elves!

Zack: They look and act just like previous elves. But in a valley. GENIUS!

Steve: Kid unwraps Monster Manual II, breathlessly flips to the letter E, fist-pumps at the sight of two new elf sub-types.

Steve: "Wait'll everybody on the playground sees these new elves!!!"

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