Steve: The good news is we found the hidden shrine. The bad news is we all smell like the inside of a buck-fanged monkey dragon.

Zack: Do you have any idea how hard it is to get the smell of vomit out of Mithril? We never should have gone looking for this shrine. Turns out "Tamoachan" is a medical condition.

Steve: See, even in this early picture Erol Otus is drawing goo flying everywhere and weird body shapes.

Zack: Do you feel weird inside, Steve?

Steve: Yes.

Zack: Okay, just lie down on John Travolta's couch and tell him all about it while he rubs your neck. If you want a cookie, he has a warm one in his shirt pocket.

Steve: Oh no. What if Erol Otus drew a picture of John Travolta?

Zack: You just discovered the hidden shrine of my next Kickstarter.

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