#10 It has been reviewed many times before

Steve: Boldly going.

Zack: Credit where credit is due, RPGnet and others have written comprehensive reviews of FATAL. No need to re-litigate the details.

Steve: To be fair to that creepy dude that wrote FATAL there was a year or so in there when I was about 13 where writing a book like FATAL would have seemed like a good idea. Then me and Keith and Jamie would have sat down to roll up characters with giant wieners and I would have realized my folly.

Zack: Steve's Folly.

Steve: The Troll Wiener Paradox.

Zack: It's so difficult to make any jokes about FATAL without dipping into the rape well.

Zack: And believe me, I don't rape well.

Steve: If only real rapists had to solve math problems.
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