#3 100+ pages of useless professions

Zack: "We have a cleric and a fighter. We still need a wizard and a claspmaker to finish the party."

Steve: These guys are really going to come in handy when we go into that dungeon full of unclosed violin cases and half-dug ditches.

Zack: "A coaster is nice, but we could sure use a lace doily."

Steve: "Yes! I finished digging my 100th hole!" *levels up and can dig larger holes now*

Zack: Don't forget the 10 different ways Byron managed to include being a hooker as a profession. Maids are hookers, laundry girls are hookers, bar wenches are hookers, hookers are hookers, etc.

Steve: I would say it's a man's world only I remember that wiener size chart and it really isn't.
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