Sand covers almost the entire floor of this once lavishly decorated room. Glints of silver may be seen in the sand near the center of the room.

Steve: Finally, some treasure. All these gigs and I haven't been paid once. Yngwulf is diving right in in search of something valuable.

Zack: A thorough search of the sand reveals that the silver glint was dozens of buried dancing bells.

Steve: What?

Zack: Dancing bells. Everyone knows about dancing bells. You don't?

Steve: Yeah, of course I do. Dancing bells. Sure, I know all about them. Very valuable.

Zack: They're basically worthless.

Steve: Practically worthless. Anything else in here?

Zack: Yes, there is a door to the south and also you just fell into a pit trap.

Steve: Gravity! You stalking horse of Cathy!

Zack: The sandy floor gives way beneath your feet and you and your treasure of dancing bells plummet ten feet to the bottom of a pit. You take 1 point of damage.

Steve: 1 point? That's it? Try harder, Cathy.

Zack: Also you are attacked by a ravenous six-legged rat monster called a baric. Its eyes glow white and it savages you with its claws and bite. You take 4 points of damage.

Steve: Oh man, these points of damage are really adding up. They're adding up to a new song I like to call Blood Frenzy of Lord Young Wolf, Harbinger of the Crimson Wind. I will savage this baric creature back with an intense lick from my axe.

Zack: The creature yelps and recoils from the frosty frets. Smoke begins to billow from your guitar.

Steve: I pummel this rat fink with my sonic fury, reducing him to a baric compote. Then reducing him further to a gelatin, then further still until he is no more and erased from history like a bad wizard's deeds.

Zack: If it weren't for your injuries you'd believe there never was a baric at all.

Steve: Grappling hook out of this dump. I'm not going through that door to the south either, I'm going back out to the hall and continuing that way. I am way sick of all these pits and I'm not falling for their crap again.

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