Lowtax: Okay there are waaaaaayyyy too many things going on here.

Zack: The clues are getting smaller. Luckily...

Lowtax: YES.

Zack: *Slams microscope on table*

Lowtax: YES!!!

Lowtax: Okay so let's examine this piece by piece. There are empty perfume bottles.

Zack: He's upgraded from candleabra to lantern.

Lowtax: A small satchel to hold 20-sided dice.

Lowtax: A broken locket from some 1920's floozie bathtub gin flapper broad

Zack: I think that's a watch that stopped exactly when the bomb went off.

Lowtax: It stopped at floozie o'clock?

Zack: A copy of Harry Potter that looks like it has HEAVY WATER DAMAGE.

Lowtax: A very tiny key for maybe a medicine cabinent.

Zack: It's a key to a girl's diary.

Zack: A skeleton girl.

Lowtax: A sterling silver crucifix, the real keeper of the collection by far.

Lowtax: An anti-dracula kit.

Lowtax: And... a microscope from 1980

Zack: To examine a tiny note written on a tiny scrap of paper.

Lowtax: And this is obviously overlooking the obligatory skull on a Potter

Lowtax: So what's your theory here, Dr. Zack?

Zack: Yeah. I think it's pretty clear this Bookskull was murdered.

Zack: His body fell off. Or was it...pushed?!?

Lowtax: You're ignoring all the clues!

Lowtax: Or whatever that crap is.

Zack: Enlighten me, please.

Lowtax: Okay, here is my theory:

Lowtax: Some dude was working on the second story of the house when the floor collapsed and a bunch of his shit fell through and landed on a desk. Then his head fell too. BAM.

Zack: Now he's just another statistic.

Zack: Another head on another pile of books in the county morgue.

Lowtax: "Another two-book skull... I've seen this too many times to count" *detective shakes his head*

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