Zack: Page after page of this crap. Ka this and amulet that, codes and sects and magical Egyptian spirits.

Steve: Yeah I know pretty awesome. We just watched the Mummy and the Mummy Returns and were pretty pumped up to make sand tornadoes appear.

Zack: Seems more like every other White Wolf game where your conscience is literally a magical spirit character and you have to fight him by doing good things in the world or he'll take over.

Steve: No, that's Wraith.

Zack: And Vampire and Werewolf.

Steve: I think it might happen in the Chinese Vampire stuff too if you eat too many yin-yangs or whatever, I don't remember how that worked.

Zack: *Ghostly voice appears from the sandy ether* "Don't mummy it up so much jeez. Put on a shirt. Stop eating life force"

Steve: It's not a ghostly voice though I think it's like a giant bird head dude and he pulls your heart out or something.

Zack: So did you ever summon sand tornadoes?

Steve: They were in the Big Red section.

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