Lowtax:: "And so... mortal man... I must ask the eternal question.... subs or dubs?"

Zack: "Alas, poor Yorrick, I knew...Yorrick...Yorrick?" and he starts stabbing into the fog with his cane looking for the skeleton.

Lowtax:: "Is it just me or is this rat tea a real letdown?"

Lowtax:: "I should never have grabbed a 22 ounce of it at the QT."

Zack: "I have the graveyard until 10:30 so PLEASE turn off your fog machine until I am done. Thanks in advance."

Lowtax:: Oh that's fog? I thought they were burying people in cotton these days.

Zack: "I put my name on the sign up sheet for the graveyard three weeks ago but those prancing sex skeletons think they can just rave in my time slot. Well I am going to really drag out this monologue now."

Lowtax:: "Plus now I must wait for my flying death orbs to return to me after they finish off Reggie Bannister."

Lowtax:: Why are there sandbags piled up behind him? Is this WWI trench warfare?

Zack: He's trying to control floodwaters.


Zack: If God Is Willing and Da Dead Don't Rise!

Lowtax:: Shit, shift's over, gotta change the syrup bag in the rat tea machine.

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