Lowtax: No you idiot, you put the ring inside the box and THEN put it on her finger.


Zack: I don't got time to look at your skeleton hands.

Lowtax: It's being shielded by the Green Lantern.

Lowtax: Don't worry, it's safe.

Lowtax: I like how the hand is severed somewhere below the wrist, and somebody took the time to smooth down the bone.

Zack: She was married to such a handsome skeleton too.

Lowtax: Do skeletons have to worry about getting their tacky rings resized?

Zack: As you get older and your metabolism slows down your bones spread out a little bit.

Lowtax: Yeah additionally so if you eat those chewy sour vitamins for adults.

Zack: If you eat enough of those your skeleton will molt. Which is what happened here. Forgot to take her ring off and woke up with her old skeleton on the bed.

Lowtax: I can understand keeping that 25-cent ring safe in the unlocked box, but why the entire hand?

Lowtax: Was she really good at poker or fast draw dueling in the west, and didn't want to risk an enemy taking her hand for their own?

Zack: Maybe it's a musical instrument.

Lowtax: Like during the seige scene in Army of Darkness?

Zack: Some 4th grade band class has a kid blowing on a skeleton hand next to a glockenspiel.

Lowtax: "Call child welfare... and ask his parents where they bought such a beautiful ring!"

Zack: They just rented the hand at guitar center and it came with that spit valve.

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